Art & Artistic research

words connected on a black surface

Emotional Glossary for Creative AI

How does it feel to work creatively with machine learning? This crowd-sourced project attempts to map the landscape of emotions that we observe when we interact with generative machine learning systems in a creative manner.

AI/ML Research Language Co-creativity Community 2022 (ongoing)
Art exhibition with screens on sticks showing illegible text resembling protest signs

Latent Riot

Art work. Training a neural network with street protest signs

AI/ML Art Feminist 2021, with Moving Target Collective

Moving Target Collective

My artist collective tackling topics at the intersection of technology, AI myths, gender, feminism (together with: Amelie Goldfuß and Natalie Sontopski)

AI/ML Art Feminist Research Teaching 2020 (ongoing)
Illustration of a steak in the shape of a hash on a dish

Salted Hash

Website I built 10 years ago, with hand-drawn illustrations and animations, "Visualizing the juicy vocabulary of computer science"

Language Website Illustration Animation 2013