AI Demystification & Education

Demystifying Artificial intelligence has many faces for me, from language to images: Improving the visual representation in media (Better Images of AI), researching how the public speaks about AI, giving workshops to teach the technical basics of machine learning, explaining the code of a public Colab notebook line by line, or narrating the (sometimes funny) fails and limits of so called "intelligent" systems.

I am very passionate about this, because it's both political a personal: It's political, because AI isn't just a technical domain - AI is about people and power. It's personal, because I got my degree in Artificial Intelligence in 2014, which was the year the hype around AI (Deep Learning) started, and I suddenly had many weird conversations with people who had these very distorted ideas of what AI actually is.

A woman writing text next to images on a wall

The Literal Unseen

Visualising artificial intelligence

AI/ML Research Language Co-creativity 2022
Hands and neural networks

Better Images of AI (BIOAI)

A campaign and community to improve the visual language for AI

AI/ML Awareness Campaign Community 2021 (ongoing)
AI Myths logo

AI Myths (Website)

Together with technology philosopher Daniel Leufer I built a website to bust the most common myths about Artificial Intelligence

AI/ML Website Campaign 2019, with Daniel Leufer (Access Now / Mozilla fellow)
Interface with a headline about AI and a selection of other words to replace the word

Headline rephraser (AI Myths)

This tool allows you to remove the hype from news headlines about AI and look at the hidden truth

AI/ML Language Interface Website
AI Myths logo

Interview for "Last week in AI" podcast

Daniel Leufer and me were interviewed about the AI Myths project on the podcast "Last week in AI"

AI/ML Website Awareness Campaign 2020, with Daniel Leufer (Access Now / Mozilla fellow)
An apple with a sticker on it that says Ipod

AI Fails - Horrible or Adorable (Talk)

I gave a talk at "KI & Wir" conference, showcasing both fun and weird fails of Artificial Intelligence as well as heavy and harmful incidents.

AI/ML AI Education 2021
An illustration of a 1950s female secretary surrounded by glitch material resembling smart speakers

Personified machines (Essay)

Critical look at the personification of voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, and the effect on AI literacy

AI/ML Voice assistants Feminist 2019
A diverse group of workshop participants discussing while sitting in groups around tables

My name is Alexa and I’m not your personal assistant (Workshop)

Workshop at Mozfest (London 2019). We looked at voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant, questioned the status quo and collectively explored alternative designs.

AI/ML AI Education Voice assistants Feminist 2019
Screenshot of a Miro Board

It matters how we speak about Artificial Intelligence! (Workshop)

Workshop at Mozfest 2021

AI/ML AI Education Language 2021