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During the last 2,5 years I co-lead the XLab, a lab for AI & Robotics at the university of art and design Burg Giebichenstein in Halle, Germany. Together with my colleague Simon we started a podcast where we speak with artists and designers on how they apply machine learning in their creative practices. My educational background reflects my long term interest in the intersection of computation and cognition, language, art and AI: I studied Fine Art in Germany and France and then did a BA in Artificial Intelligence (2014) at the University of Amsterdam.

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Emotional Glossary for Creative AI

How does it feel to work creatively with machine learning? This crowd-sourced project attempts to map the landscape of emotions that we observe when we interact with generative machine learning systems in a creative manner.

AI/ML Research Language Co-creativity Community 2022 (ongoing)
Overexposed collage with computer vision bounding boxes and a Jacquard weaving machine

XLab @ Burg Giebichenstein

For 2,5 years I was the co-lead of the first lab for AI & Robotics at a German art university: The XLab at the University of Art and Design Burg Giebichenstein

AI/ML Research Teaching Co-creativity 2020-2022
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Podcast "Towards co-creation

Tech/Art Podcast where my co-host Simon and I chat with designers and artists about how they use machine learning and other AI tools in their creative practices

AI/ML Research Co-creativityCommunity 2021 (ongoing)

VQGAN+CLIP - How does it work? (2021)

Medium Article in which I explain the image-to-text architecture VQGAN+CLIP which preceded the diffusion technique.

Article Tech AI/ML AI Education 2021

Explaining the code of the popular text-to-image algorithm (VQGAN+CLIP in PyTorch)

Medium Article in which I explain the specific VQGAN+CLIP implementation written by artist/programmer Katherine Crowson (aka @RiversHaveWings) which went viral in the summer of 2021.

Article Tech AI/ML AI Education 2021
Overexposed collage with computer vision bounding boxes and a Jacquard weaving machine

Creative AI Workshops

During my time at the XLab I conceived and organized a couple of getting started workshops

AI/ML Co-creativity AI Education Teaching 2020 - 2022
Art exhibition with screens on sticks showing illegible text resembling protest signs

Latent Riot

Art work. Training a neural network with street protest signs

AI/ML Art Feminist 2021, with Moving Target Collective

Moving Target Collective

Artist collective tackling topics at the intersection of technology, AI myths, gender, feminism (together with: Amelie Goldfuß and Natalie Sontopski)

AI/ML Art Feminist Research Teaching
Overexposed collage with computer vision bounding boxes and a Jacquard weaving machine

AI at the art school

Medium article written at the launch of the XLab in 2020

AI/ML Art Co-creativity Research Teaching 2020
A person infront of a big screen showing an image of a mysterious castle and a tablet with a chatbot application on it


A conversational interface for text2image for collaborative imagination (Stable Diffusion)

AI/ML Design Programming Interface UX 2022

Workshop on creative writing with GPT-3 in the context of speculative funeral practices

This was an online workshop I conceived for BWA gallery of contemporary art in Wroclaw (Poland), where we experimented with the generative language model GPT-J (the open-source cousin of GPT-3)

AI/ML Co-creativity Teaching AI Education 2022